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Why Happen To Be Bold?

Be Bold is be strong, be fearless, be true to yourself.

To sum my story, I must say am a blogger since 2003, when there was no Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Until 2014, back in my home country, Brazil, I used to write about traveling, beauty, and fashion. However, when I turned 29 years old I moved to Canada in order to have a better life. Since then, everything changed really fast around me (and inside me). In my early 30’s I didn’t feel like writing the same stuff I used to and I started thinking about what really matters so I decided to create this blog to share the good things I’ve been learning and to inspire people to be bold.

It took me 4 years to come back to blog. The reason why is because I was afraid of the language barrier as my native language is Portuguese and communicating in English is still a big challenge for me. Moreover, there is so much online useless stuff and I didn’t want to be one of those, that is because I was thinking too much about what people think. Since 2003, the internet changed a lot and I’ve bee studying and following this change, what made me feel scared to come back. However, I love doing this and now I am coming back because I decided to stop thinking too much about what others may think and to do what I think it’s good for me. Blogging makes me feel good, food makes me feel good, makeup makes me feel good, fashion makes me feel good, and traveling makes me feel extremely good 😉 so I am going to do everything that makes me feel good and I hope that sharing it with you will also make you feel good.

If you want to join me, please feel welcome! You might also happen to be bold <3

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Happen To Be Bold